General Usage Rules
• doesn't provide services to the following companies, institutions, and organizations:
Bank, insurance, non-bank credit organizations, lottery and betting organizations, companies organizing the production and sale of tobacco, alcoholic beverages and other organizations engaged in similar activities.
• If companies or organizations operating in the above-mentioned areas pay and purchase a vacancy without reading the rules, the vacancy will not be published and the payment made for the service will not be refunded.
• (hereinafter referred to as "Site") is a public site. "HRIN" LLC is not an employer, it is only a platform that connects the job seeker and the employer.
• You may become a member in two types - Company (employer) and Employee (job seeker) depending on the registration type on the site.
• You should register as a Company to post a job ad on the site and apply for a job as an Employee.
• The e-mail address requested during the registration process on the site may be used to announce updates, newsletters, campaigns and to contact the user.
• If users don’t want to benefit from the information provided by the site, they should state this during registration.
• Periodically, partially or completely editing the site usage rules, changes and technical updates will be sent to users via e-mail.

Company (Employer) Rules for Users

• The duration of the vacancy shared on the site is 30 days.
• The price, payment terms and duration of each share are regulated by contract.
• Vacancies are checked and shared on the site in case of compliance with the site's rules.
• If the vacancy terms don’t comply with the site rules, no payment is calculated for the current vacancy.
• Company users can increase the vacancy balance by paying in advance pursuant to the package chosen on the site. In this case, the payment methods are as follows:
1. By bank card
2. By bank transfer (in this case, you should contact the e-mail address [email protected])
• Company users also may increase the vacancy balance by paying later, provided that 1 vacancy is calculated at 25 AZN. In this case, the payment method will be only by bank transfer. The payment for the number of vacancies published in a month will be calculated and sent by electronic receipt to the settlement account specified in the contract by the employer. The payment should be made in the first week of the following month. If the employer makes a payment later than the payment period specified, he/she will pay 100 (one hundred) AZN unconditionally and for once.
• When the payment is made by the employer by transfer, the moment of the money transferred to the site's bank account is considered the moment of a payment obligation.
• The fee is calculated from the day of publication of the advertisement.
• If the vacancy balance increased by the employer in the personal cabinet is not used, the payment made to increase the vacancy balance will not be returned in any case.
• If the employer deletes the vacancy before it expires, the payment for the unpublished days will not be refunded.
• The name and category of the vacancy created should match. If this information is entered incorrectly, the site administration undertakes to edit this information. In this case, the employer may not be informed.
• The employer should clearly record the vacancy in a form explaining it in detail.
• Incomplete or inappropriate information is not accepted for sharing on the site and sent back to the employer for correction.
• Salary amount should be stated in AZN only.
• If the salary box is left blank, the site will automatically note "according to salary agreement".
• It is forbidden to change the name of the vacancy published.
• If a correction is required, you should contact the site administration.
• Vacancies with network marketing type, questionable activity type, or unclear activity direction will be deleted or not published until corrected.
• Vacancies called for multiple positions within one vacancy will not be shared.

Rules for Employee (Job seeker) Users

• The site allows job seekers to get acquainted with job postings online, save time and apply for jobs.
• The job seeker confirms that all the information mentioned in the CV is correct and up-to-date.
• The information in the CV should be truthful and not incomplete or misleading.
• It is strictly forbidden to post advertisements containing immoral, racial, ethnic, religious propaganda and discrimination.
• Employee users on the site voluntarily send their personal information (contact information, date of birth, gender, etc.) to the employer when applying for vacancies shared on the site.
• Employee users may save their pre-made CVs in their personal cabinet by uploading to their personal cabinet and creating a new CV in the "CREATE CV" section.
• Jobseekers may upload their CVs only in WORD and PDF format to the personal cabinet on the site.

Membership Terms

• To use the site services, every visitor should register and create a personal cabinet.
• Each member creating a private cabinet should fill in all required fields with correct information during registration.
• It is possible to create only one account on the site with each e-mail and number.
• It may restrict the user from using the site in the following cases:
1. When posting CV with inappropriate statements and photos on the site;
2. When inciting actions that may cause damage to the state, treason, terrorism, violence, aggression, national moral values, public safety, and the environment;
3. When mentioning information not related to the CV (personal commercial purpose);

Rights and Responsibilities
• The site administration has the right to publish the vacancy, refuse publication in case of inconsistency in the vacancy, control the use of the site by members in general and regulate it within the rules.
• Site administration reserves the right to change the site and rules unilaterally without notice.
• The site administration doesn’t allow users to act contrary to the obligations specified in the General Terms of Use, Privacy Principles, and Membership Terms, or not fulfill them properly, and deviate from the rules established by legislation. In such a case, it may completely cancel the inconsistency of either the candidate's CV, one or more vacancies or personal cabinet of the company, respectively, without informing or warning the user.
• The site administration has no responsibility for the information mentioned in the CVs of the job seekers.
• The site administration is not responsible for the applications and phone calls received by the employer.
• The site administration is not obliged to find jobs or employees for the site users.
• It assumes no responsibility for any communication or activity between the job seeker and the employer.
• Employers are responsible for the site links they share to provide more detailed information to job seekers who want to apply for the vacancies posted. The site administration is not responsible for the risks that may arise from these links.
If the site administration determines that the user has illegally used the site usage rules, privacy principles and membership terms, it has the right to report the complaint to the authorities for taking appropriate action against that user.
• The user cant claim any rights or compensation for canceled or deleted accounts of users with information uncomplying with the site rules by the site administration.
• Users are responsible for the information recording in their personal cabinet.

Privacy Principles

• When using the site, files called "Cookies" may be placed on your device. These files are completely harmless. Through this process, the site administration wants to learn the logic of using the information you provide to the site and the various site links and improve the site to be more useful to its users.
• To provide better service to our users, the information of the users accessing the site (visit duration, time spent on the site, pages viewed) is tracked.
• The information obtained may be shared with our business partners to enrich and improve our content section pursuant to the privacy principles.
• The IP address of the visitor to the site is registered.
If the site administration finds that its users violate the Privacy Principles and Rules, or if such a case is determined by the competent authorities or investigation is required, the site administration has the right to report the necessary information about the relevant user to the competent authority. In addition, in case of a similar situation, the site administration has the right to take other measures provided for in the Rules.
• To ensure the security of the submitted data, the site administration increases its technical measures pursuant to the developing technology.
• The site name and logo are unambiguously owned by "HRIN LLC" and can’t be used or presented to third parties or organizations without the signed and stamped consent of the Director.
• Without the written permission of the site administration, no element of the site may be published on other media or the website, including linking or forwarding from another website to
Site users should immediately notify the site administration if they found that their account used without permission by others or the password captured by others.
Note: Those who want to become a site member realize that they have read, understood and accepted these usage terms to the end, and confirm that they will use the site pursuant to the rules.

The last update date of the rules: 02.11.2022