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Who are we?

Hrin.co is a job posting website that possess a variety of innovations. Our main objective is to ensure dependable service for both sides by facilitating the job and employee search process. Our core principles are providing job seekers with new job opportunities, enabling them to investigate vacancies, and also, assisting employers to find qualified candidates in the labor market. In a nutshell, HRin.co is a job search platform that serves as a bridge between job seekers and employers.

Why HRin.co?

Our website offers simple methods to post and apply for jobs. Furthermore, Hrin.co has several advantages for both subjects - job seekers and employers. Job searchers can easily create a CV on our website, apply for vacancies, and view the overall history of the vacancies they have applied for. Employers, via the corporate account, can activate and deactivate posts, adjust the publishing period, pay by e-receipt or bank card, and export the payment report.

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