İnsan resursları

What is the Purpose of Preparing a Resume?

Some mistakes can cause unpredictable consequences. For example, when applying for your dream job, it's really bad if you don't share all of your work experience and qualifications in a way that makes it easier for a potential employer to evaluate. It is to the disadvantage of the candidate that it is not understood whether a candidate is suitable for the vacant position and has the minimum qualifications. You don't want to be in this situation, do you?


Unfortunately, many people make this mistake. Today, when the resumes are examined, it has become a problem for employers that many candidates cannot be filtered. Candidates, on the other hand, cannot find the opportunities they want and cannot present themselves as someone to be invited to a job interview. That's why preparing a CV and preparing for a job interview is a mandatory requirement today.


Candidates either neglect to include important parts or act too hastily if there is a time constraint. Well, by the way, let's ask this question: Is your resume ready? Be sure to ask yourself this question. Because a resume is something that needs to be constantly updated. You should make sure that important items are included in your resume.


Writing a resume can be alarming for job seekers. Many people believe the myths told on the resume. The most talked about is the rumor that recruiters don't read resumes or spend so little time reviewing them. For this reason, job seekers are afraid that resume will not be read.


We have reviewed and prepared some things about mistakes made while preparing a resume for you. The following shows the do's and don'ts of a resume that will give you the best opportunity to land your dream job. If you do not want to make the mistakes made while preparing your resume, you should pay attention to the following items.


What is the Purpose of Preparing a Resume?

The most basic purpose of a resume is to provide the recruiter with complete information so that he or she can decide whether you are worth an interview. Even with the information you write on your resume, you can convince the recruiter. If you're making an impression, it's possible with your resume.


First of all, you need to know what skills and qualifications you have in order to prepare this resume. In addition, be sure to include the diplomas and certificates you have received in your resume. These will also help you show your talents and skills.

It is intended to share this information that will allow you to show recruiters important data about your personality and knowledge before you meet in person.


What are the Common Mistakes While Preparing a Resume?


Editing a resume like anyone else from a draft

Resumes that are created as everyone else prepares make it difficult to identify the features that distinguish people from each other. Someone with an unattractive resume may not go unnoticed by a potential recruiter. For example, you may be someone with experience in the industry. However, if your resume contains too little or too much information, you will need to be creative at this point. Because your resume should have remarkable and important points.


Not adapting the resume according to the vacant position

It is one of the resume mistakes that new graduates often make. It is important to check that your resume is suitable for the open position. You need to include relevant experience and skills.

Not adding a cover letter according to the position you are applying for

You may have written all your experiences and competencies. However, when you write a short cover letter, you will make them more understandable. Don't forget to add a cover letter to your resume. You can talk about your qualifications according to the requirements of the position you are applying for, why you want this job and how you have information about the institution. Showing that you have given the application sufficient attention will put you in a more advantageous position than other candidates.


Of course, there are other mistakes that people make while preparing their resumes. That's why it's important to be aware of what you're preparing yourself for. While preparing a resume, it is important not only to realize your mistakes, but also to be able to identify the gaps in your work history. For example, if you have determined the field you want to work in, make sure to take note of the features on the application form that you do not have. 

Apart from that, always try to get feedback when you go to job interviews. Find out why you weren't accepted for the job. Evaluate objectively whether there are reasonable reasons. Good luck in your business life!