Məkan Bakı, Azərbaycan
İş növü Tam iş günü
Kateqoriya İnzibati, Biznes, İdarəetmə
Vakansiya tarixi 26.08.2022

İş haqqında məlumat

Develop hiring plans for every department in the hotel based on seasonal necessities;
Monitor employee working and attendance schedules including paid time off, breaks, and overtime;
Assess, screen, and interview job candidates;
Work to onboard new hires to make them feel comfortable;
Report on employee turnover rates;
Execute employee retention programs such as end-of-season bonuses;
Organize training programs for all hotel employees such as customer service skills training;
Serve as a liaison for employees who possess inquiries on job-related issues;
Collaborate accommodation, transport, and catering for our employees when needed;
Administer remuneration, severance, and benefits policies;
Make sure the hotel staff complies with relevant safety and health rules;
Arrange employee records such as contracts, and pay special attention to visas and work permits;
Assist with the preparation, coordination, and execution of employee programs and events, such as regular staff meetings, food festivals, annual picnics, holiday parties, Wellness Fairs, farewell parties, and community service projects, among other.


Degree in HR or hospitality;
Minimum 3 year work experience at hospitality industry as Human Resources Manager
Past experience with payroll or managing budgets;
Excellent communication in English, Azerbaijani, Russian;
Knowledge of labor and hotel regulations and laws;
Professional, organized, and can multitask;
Ability to manage conflicts at work;
Should be a patient listener;
Flexibility to work various shifts;
A polite, engaging personality.